Explosion Proof Portable Floodlights.

When it comes to industrial lighting, floodlights are one of the most useful options. They emit a broad beam of light and hence can be used to light up a vast area. They literally flood a vast area with non-natural light and thus the name. Explosion proof floodlights are certified to be used in hazardous areas. They are essentially LED floodlights manufactured using explosion proof technology. They have a higher lumen output and are extremely useful to light up a large area of a hazardous work environment such as an offshore platform, oil refinery, airport hangars and others. A portable flood light, as the name suggests, is an impermanent fixture which can be moved from one area to another. They are useful for areas which do not require strong beams of light throughout the year.

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Benefits of using an explosion proof portable floodlight

Energy efficient: Since explosion proof portable floodlights are manufactured using LED technology, they are energy efficient. They consume less electricity than traditional forms of lighting. This makes them the lighting equipment of choice for industries worldwide. Increase visual representation: Any industrial work environment requires proper lighting to enable the manpower to work efficiently and safely. This is especially important in a hazardous environment where the chance of fire and explosion always exists. Ex floodlights help in properly illuminating every nook and corner of a hazardous workplace enabling the workforce to have better supervision over the entire work environment. Efficient use of resources: Not all the areas of a workplace require lighting, around the year. Some may need lighting only during certain operations or during a specific time of the year. Keeping a permanent floodlight in such areas may lead to wasteful use of money and resources. Portable ex floodlights are a perfect fit for such areas. They help in lighting up an area whenever required. Cost-effective: Explosion proof portable floodlights are a cost-effective option that every hazardous area should opt for. The energy-efficient aspect helps in significant savings of cost. Moreover, these lights have a long life of up to 50,000 hours, which reduces the requirement for frequent replacement. Clean source of energy: As widely known, LED lights are devoid of any harmful substances such as mercury and lead that may adversely affect the workforce and the work environment. They do not emit carbon, noise, ultraviolet or infrared emissions and generate less heat than other sources of light. They do not flicker and are more pleasing to the eye.