Chemical storage and Warehouse Lighting

Chemical storage and Warehouse Lighting

Chemical storage and warehouse required highest requirements on safety; therefore, LED lighting is installed for working environments with hazardous substances. Installing LED lighting offers less maintenance and contributes to CO2 reduction. LED lighting is less pollution through direct and asymmetrical lighting and is therefore environmentally friendly.

LUX Levels for Chemical Storage

LUX Levels for Warehouse Lighting

IMPORTANT NOTE: data is compiled from chemical storage and warehouse-specific lighting publications. However, these are recommendations only; careful consideration must go into every unique environment.

Common challenges to lights fixtures in chemical facilities/ storage warehouses are high temperatures, presence of gases and dust. Our fixtures can withstand extreme ambient temperatures, mechanical stress and they are resistant to chemical fumes, moisture and dust. Depending on the height of mounting the fixtures we can design, supply and install the linear or high bay lights to meet the required lux level.